Dr. Sbusiso Malinga
Johannesburg Specialist Surgeon

Special Interests in Colorectal Surgery | Endocrine | Gastrointestinal Surgery | Head & Neck Surgery | Laparoscopic Surgery

What causes colorectal?

The exact cause of colorectal cancer is not known, but certain risk factors are strongly linked to the disease, including diet, tobacco smoking, and heavy alcohol use. Also, people with certain hereditary cancer syndromes or a family history of colorectal cancer have a high risk of developing the disease

Colorectal surgery

Colorectal surgery is a field in medicine dealing with disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon. The field is also known as proctology, but this term is now used infrequently within medicine and is most often employed to identify practices relating to the anus and rectum in particular.

What is involved in colorectal surgery?

The anus, rectum, and part of the sigmoid colon are removed to include the attending vessels and lymph nodes. The end of the colon is then brought through an opening made in the abdominal wall (this is called a colostomy).

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